Tom's Guide: The 40 Best Chrome Extensions

If you caught our most recent installation of our Web Browser Grand Prix, you'll know that Chrome once again took the top spot for Windows 7 compatible browsers. However, while Chrome on its own is a brilliant browser, even the best browser can be made better with the help of a few choice extensions. Handily enough, the team over at Tom's Guide just put together an updated list of 'The 40 Best Google Chrome Extensions.' Check it out!

The constant efforts of the Google marketing juggernaut—and improvements by the development team—are paying off: Google Chrome is now the second most-used web browser worldwide, according to Stat Counter. Chrome is even threatening Internet Explorer's long-standing top spot.

With such a sleek, efficient, and streamlined interface, it seems almost a shame to add extensions that bloat Chrome's resources. Still, there are a lot of really useful, utilitarian extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. Here are 40 choice picks. These are based on our experience as well as some reader recommendations.

Watch this space for future updates as we change this list to include newer and better extensions. Let us know what you think, and feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

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