Club3D Becomes an AMD Exclusive Hardware Partner

Dutch manufacturer Club3D has announced that they will be fully committing themselves to the sale of AMD Radeon graphics cards and its related products.

According to CEO Judith Ma Tseung, the decision was motivated by the company’s belief that "AMD is ideally positioned to deliver a complete solution to our customers, and after 16 years in the business offering solutions from a variety of processor partners, we truly believe that we can offer a better solution going forward with AMD alone."

Zvika Greenstein, Director of Desktop Product Management, AMD Graphics further added that the company's decision to become an AMD partner represents a 'powerful acknowledgement' of AMD's leadership in the graphics space.

"With products like the Radeon HD 7990 Dual GPU, Club3D has a long-standing reputation for delighting enthusiasts with spectacular products based on AMD Radeon graphics chips," said Greenstein.


  • derekullo
    "we truly believe that we can offer a better solution going forward with AMD alone."

    Even AMD has to laugh at that
  • GoodBoY920
    Is this a good thing for consumers?
  • RazberyBandit
    Bidded? Really?
  • gsxrme
    Down with no one. Congrats amd of all the apu dor the x1 and ps4 though.
  • Cataclysm_ZA
    Its like it's the 2008 board partner saga with Nvidia all over again!
  • ddpruitt
    AMD's at the verge of doing something great, let's hope they don't screw it up again.
  • greghome
    So what?
    We've already got Sapphire a long long time ago
    say about 20 years ?
  • vmem
    good news for AMD, but can they really beat Sapphire? only time will tell I guess
  • scrumworks
    AMD FTW.
  • Soda-88
    I had no idea Club3D was dutch