New Intel Core i5, i7 Processors Product Matrix

Today's the big debut for Intel's Lynnfield processors. To learn all about what's so great about these new chips, check out our full coverage. All the reading, thanks to the hard work of our Managing Editor Chris Angelini, should keep you occupied for some time.

For a quick summary, however, of what's new today, clock speeds, cache sizes, cores and how much they'll cost, peep the table below:

Check out the following guides and reviews to Intel's new chip below. All three articles were published today!

Intel Core i5 And Core i7: Intel’s Mainstream Magnum Opus

Core i5, Core i7, CrossFire, And SLI: Gaming Paradise, Redux?

In Theory: How Does Lynnfield's On-Die PCI Express Affect Gaming?

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  • IronRyan21
    I love the price difference between i7 870 and i7 860. Its only 133 Mhz diff, yet almost $300 diff in price. I cant wait for Tom's to come out with OC guide for i7-860, that will be a real value.
  • SneakySnake
    Is the i7 860 the replacement for the 920 ?
  • matt87_50
    SneakySnakeIs the i7 860 the replacement for the 920 ?

    depends if you have your heart set on tripple channel. but if its the same price or cheaper than the 920, I think u'd be crazy not to go for the 860, hell, even the i5 is the same clock speed as the 920, and it turbos higher, you don't get hyperthreading, but especially for gaming, i'm not a big fan of hyperthreading anyway, don't think it makes much of a difference (i have a 920), will be interesting to see the 920 and the i5 compared in games.