Corsair Offers Individual-Sleeved PSU Modular Cable Kits

With the growing trend of enthusiast and case-modders individualizing their cases, Corsair has released its individually sleeved modular PSU cable to provide end users the option to switch out their modular cables. The cables are available in three colors; red, blue and white, along with the standard black cables. While other companies, such as NZXT, has taken the approach of offering each cable individually, Corsair has bundled all the required cables together into one individual package. Legit Reviews was able to get a first hand look of how these cables look in a Corsair 600T case at the FX GamExperience down in Dallas, Texas. 

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Corsair is initially releasing these individually sleeved PSU cable kits for the following power supplies:

  • Professional Series Gold AX1200
  • Professional Series AX850/AX750/AX650
  • Professional Series HX / Enthusiast Series TXM Series

Taking a closer look at the available cables for the Professional Series Gold AX1200 PSU, end users will find Corsair has made available a total of 16 modular cables:

  • One (1) ATX Main Mother Board Power Connector 24 pin (20+4)
  • Two (2) EPS/ATX 12V Power Processor Connector 8 pin (4+4 split)
  • Six (6) PCI-Express Connector 8 pin (6+2 split)
  • Four (4) Serial ATA, SATA, Power Connector
  • Three (3) Peripheral Flat Power Connectors (4pin)

The individually sleeved modular PSU cables can be purchased at a price range between $79.99 to $99.99 on Corsair's website

  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Not bad, but I like NZXT cables more somehow!
  • cmartin011
    oh yay! i always wanted each wire gift warped in its own sleeve instead of bundled in one!
  • joytech22
    That looks so cool :D
    I'll definitely be grabbing them for my AX1200.
    I could use more colour in my case, it would look nice.
  • __-_-_-__
    incredible overpriced cables O_o sure they look cool but they cost like 15$ to manufacture. reminds me monster cables.
  • alidan
    can someone tell me the point?

    all i can think is it makes the cables a bit more flexible... but is it worth an 80-100$ "upgrade"?
  • JackFrost860
    This is for people with more money than sense!
  • nikorr
    Not bad at all ...
  • theuniquegamer
    I thought the case has cable management. Now the PSU wants to showup with its sexy red stockings.
  • razor512
    What is the point, wires already have their own casing, and all they did was essentially make all wires the same color.
  • hotthree
    Will they work on different psu's? And for all the people asking the point of this is, its for people who want more color coordinating in their case and have the money to do so. Yes, it is very easy to do yourself but there is a saying, Time is Money! This could easily take hours to do if your a first time maker. Why not buy in 5 minutes? is 2-4 hours, possibly more worth 40-50$ Your call.