Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Available for Download

Sure, a near-complete beta version of the entire game may have been leaked last month leaving EA and Crytek ‘deeply disappointed,’ but that hasn’t stopped the two studios from releasing the multiplayer PC demo of the game.

The demo clocks in at about 1.6GB and includes two maps, Skyline and Pier 17. The latter is more open, while the former is a skyscraper interior and rooftop map based in New York City. The demo also boasts two playing modes, Team Instant Action and Crash Site. Team Instant Action is a team-based deathmatch that sees either side compete for the highest body count, while Crash Site involves guarding alien drop pods and awards points for fending off enemies.

Crysis 2’s release is scheduled for March 22 (March 25 for European gamers), so you’ll have roughly three weeks of demo-time before deciding if you want to go and get the game on launch day. The complete version will have six gameplay modes and 12 maps.

Hit up EA to download the game.

  • retrig
    We know it will play Crysis 2... but Cysis 2?

    Sorry Jane, couldn't resist.
  • doomdesire86
    Finally, I want!
  • Stryter
    Woot! Dl'ing it now, can't wait to see how it performs on my PC. I would love a good challenge.
  • goodguy713
    it would be nice if every one and ther mother wasnt spamming the site i cant even get it to do a new user ..
  • f-gomes
    I've downloaded it, alright, but how the heck does one play this freakin' game??? It requires you to register and login, but after 2 hours I still can't create an account!!!

    Damn, it's a demo, I should be able to start playing in 15 secs. This is what a call a bad start.
  • cookies
    But can I run it?
  • f-gomes
    Argh!!! 2 hours after downloading I still can't even create an account!!!!

    This is a demo, ff sake! I should be able to start evaluating the game within 15 secons, not be put through this frustrating registration process!!!

  • slothy89
    I've read elsewhere that the Demo is very Consolish.. Including things like Aim-Assist being on by default.. WHY?!

    I fear this may be yet another bland console port.. What happened to you Crytek?
  • plznote
    Downloading now.
  • AMW1011
    Press start to continue, autoaim, and average graphics. I'm so glad Crysis 2 is looking to be a complete console port.