Crysis 2: Lower System Req, Better Graphics

During his keynote speech at the India Game Developer Summit 2010 last month, Carl Jones, director of global business development at Crytek, said that Crysis 2 will have lower system requirements and better graphics than the original Crysis PC game. We also learned last week that the game's engine (CryENGINE 3) will support stereoscopic 3D which will be demonstrated at the Game Developers Conference in the next few days.

Jones also revealed that the company will provide a version of CryENGINE 3 for indie developers that will be priced lower than a general license. "At Crytek, we believe in the concept of WYSIWYG — What You See Is What You Game — so when you are developing something with our tools you'll know what it looks like on all three popular platforms, the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3," he said.

Students can download the standard development engine and tools for free. "We're interested to see what you plan to do with the engine and you can download it from our website," he said.

So far Crytek has been secretive about the contents of the upcoming game, refusing to spill the details about the multiplayer aspect and the single-player campaign's story. The game will supposedly take place in New York City and feature a new-and-improved Nanosuit. Crysis 2 is slated to hit the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 sometime around Q3 2010, however expect to see more information roll out of E3 2010 this summer.

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  • rebturtle
    So now EVERYTHING can run Crysis? What will we spam the hardware review comments with now?
  • rodney_ws
    Sweet! I guess they finally learned how to program efficiently.
  • Jerky_san
    "This just in crytek learned that optimization is key to better fps and that everyone doesn't have a 15k dollar quad crossfire system!"
  • Other Comments
  • rebturtle
    So now EVERYTHING can run Crysis? What will we spam the hardware review comments with now?
  • cptnjarhead
    More for less.. we will see when it ships.
  • jerreece
    I can't wait to see this one when it comes out. If what they're saying is true, Crysis 2 should play on most modern gaming systems with ease, and look better. I truly hope that's true.

    Interested in seeing how they pull this all off in the end.