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UK Man Wins Curiosity, Finds Out What's Inside the Cube

Released back in November, Peter Molyneux and 22 Cans' Curiosity has attracted quite a bit of attention over the last six months. The experimental mobile game was launched as a multiplayer social experiment that saw players attempt to gain access to a cube sitting inside a big room. What's inside the cube is unknown and players must destroy 'cubelets' to peel back the layers of the big cube. Destroying the cubelets earns players coins, which they can then spend on tools to enhance their abilities.


For 150 days, people have been tapping away at the cube, destroying cubelets and getting ever closer to finding out what was inside. Molyneux had promised that the person to destroy the final cubelet would get an amazing prize. Today, someone did it. An 18-year-old from Edinburgh, Scotland, Bryan Henderson, will now reap the benefits of the hard work of thousands.

Molyneux on Monday released a video detailing what was inside the cube. Apparently, Henderson will get to decide the rules of a new game called 'Godus.' He will act as 'the God of all people that are playing Godus' and will decide how they play the game. In addition to this, he'll also get a cut of the profits. Specifically, Molyneux said: "Everytime people spend money on Godus, you will get a piece of the pie."

It's a pretty great prize, and Henderson seems excited about it. However, those that have been playing Curiosity for months will no doubt be a little bit peeved that all their hard work has come to nothing. It probably doesn't help that Henderson didn't really know what the game was or that he'd even won, because he only started playing yesterday morning.

"People are going to hate me for this," Henderson told Wired, "but I only registered for the game earlier this morning, about an hour before I won the thing."

Check out the video that Henderson received when he destroyed the last cube: