Rumor: EA Working on a Dead Space First Person Shooter

Can't get enough of Dead Space? That's good, because there's a rumor that EA is working on a first-person shooter based in the Dead Space universe.

The news shouldn't be surprising given that the company has already churned out a sequel to the original survival horror 3rd-person shooter, a prequel rail-shooter spin-off for the Wii (and PS3), a puzzle game, an awesome iOS and Android 3rd-person shooter, comics and a novel. However an EA insider claims that the company is basically just getting started with the franchise, and is looking at new ways to expand the Dead Space universe.

According to the report, a Dead Space FPS isn't the only franchise "expansion" planned. The publisher aims to develop a Dead Space flight sim game where the player is piloting space ships instead of lurking down dark corridors. There's also a possible "Uncharted-like game" which, claims the source, hasn't gone into production yet because the title is still in the early stages of planning.

As for Dead Space 3, the EA insider claims that development continues despite "a management shuffle at EA" that almost killed the game. It will also be set on an ice planet, backing up previous reports claiming the game will take place on a planet called Tau Volantis that suffers "white-out blizzard conditions (Hoth clone?). The third entry will also supposedly be the last Dead Space game to feature engineer Isaac as the protagonist, thus ending that particular Dead Space trilogy.

The insider said that once the trilogy is wrapped up, the team will move on to the expanded games as previously mentioned: the FPS, the adventure game and the flight sim. Naturally given that EA hasn't announced anything official, everything reported here is mere rumor.

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  • synd
    Oh snap, now EA is going to milk Dead Space too...
  • el33t
    I hope this series doesn't turn out to be another CoD massacre.
  • rohitbaran
    Well, as long as they keep it fresh and good quality, I don't mind. COD was repeated without any significant changes, which led to its criticism among gamers. I hope EA doesn't do that.