Dell Mini 9 Hacked to Include Accelerometer

The Dell Mini 9 already has quite a reputation with Apple fans for being the most hackable netbook there is. Dubbed the 'hackintosh,' many intrepid Mac OS X fans have managed to get the operating system running on the Dell-brand laptop. Now it's time for Windows fans to have a go at modding the machine.

The latest hack for the ultra portable notebook is one that allows you to add an accelerometer to your netbook. Some of you may have already turned your Dell Mini 9 into a nice little Windows 7 slate tablet (as per this mod). If you have, then this improvement should complete the netbook to tablet transformation.

Check out the video below to see the Dell Mini 9 tablet and accelerometer combination in action. Click here for a complete guide on how to do it at home.

Dell Mini 9 Touchscreen w/ motion detection (accelerometer)

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  • sunflier
    Dell Mini 9 Hacked to Include Accelorometer

    Dell's Mini 9 gets an accelerometer.

    Does is at least come with a spell check?
  • PieceMaker42
    Does it at least come with a spell check? :P
  • megamanx00