Dungeon Keeper Online Definitely In The Works

It wasn't too long ago that we first saw EA filing a trademark registration for Dungeon Keeper, the classic PC RTS series in which players built and managed dungeons while fending off hero characters. The IP was originally launched by Bullfrog Productions back in 1997, and was followed by the sequel, Dungeon Keeper 2, in 1999. The third installment never saw a release, discontinued after the EA-owned Bullfrog decided to cease all RTS development.

Back in December 2008 there was talk that NetDragonWebsoft would begin development of an MMOG version of Dungeon Keeper, slated only to appear in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Other than EA's recent trademark registration, much hasn't been said about this classic revival. However conceptual artwork and slivers of information have now appeared, and apparently things haven't changed much since 2008. TG Digital Entertainment is now slated as the publisher after securing rights for Fantasy Disney Online and Heroes of Might and Magic Online.

The details thus far are scarce: Dungeon Keeper Online will ditch the 2D sprites for full 3D graphics. What's not clear is if the game will be in first-person, or keep the standard isometric view seen in the previous titles. As it stands, players will assume the role of an evil lord aimed at building their own underground empire. Players will endure encounters, level up like a standard MMORPG character, wear equipment, and summon their own minions during battle. Players will even have the ability to launch attacks on other player-owned dungeons.

Currently there are no screenshots available, however the official website is currently sporting some concept artwork. If the game turns out to be an actual MMORPG, this may be a heavy contender in a market dominated by World of Warcraft... if it hits the States, that is. Stay tuned as more details become available.

  • borisof007
    That looks pretty cool. I've never played the originals, but I'd definitely give this a shot.
  • decepticon
    The original was fully 3d only using sprites for small things such as weapon and spell effects. And it had a 1st person view magic spell that let you control your minions first hand.
  • hannibal
    Just hope we will see some real torment this time! Those torturea parts are so nice and evil... kjäh, kjäh, kjäh!

    Seriously it would be nice to see this title released in some format. Hard to say how it will work in MMORPG format... Training, minion and money grinding does not appeal in big scale.
  • sublifer
    I never played the 2nd, but the first was a lot of fun. Though I don't like the mmo (price) model, this one would be interesting.
  • dextermat
    I tried it Dungeon Keeper but was disappointed when i saw that when you pay to play: you can have weps that deals 10X damage than free to play people... so made me ditch the game

    I then tried DDO and this is the real deal: when you don't pay you still have access to 80% of the game but take longer to do the same thing than VIP'S...

    DDO.com thats the real free to play stuff!!
  • tokenz
    wow not much for details
  • roadrunner343
    A new Dungeon Keeper will be awesome, but I new Theme Hospital would be even better. I miss Bullfrog =(
  • zmbcat
    wonder how this gona fit to an mmo.
  • dxwarlock
    dextermatI tried it Dungeon Keeper but was disappointed when i saw that when you pay to play:
    Think you have the games mixed up Dungeon Keeper was a single player builder game..you never fought other players.
  • pharge
    It was one of my first game that is good to be evil...:P

    I miss the old DK and DK2... they were fun!

    Too bad... the evil EA stopped the almost finished DK3...>_<

    oh well... if is still a RTS DK... I will be very interested... however a MMORPG? not sure... most likely... no thanks.. why can't they make it like the satrcraft 2?