HP Intros Haswell-Based Mobile AIO PC, the ENVY Rove20

HP revealed on Friday its first mobile AIO PC, the HP ENVY Rove20, which sports Intel's fourth-generation "Haswell" Core processors. "Mobile" means you can treat this rig as a big-screen 20 inch tablet, as it's light enough to carry around the house without straining a few back muscles. Ten-point touch input makes it great for multiplayer games, and a 1600 x 900 IPS LED panel makes it easy to view in a wide number of angles.

"The HP ENVY Rove20 can easily move from upright to completely horizontal for a tabletop entertainment experience. Using advanced multitouch technology, multiple users can interact with games and more at the same time," the company said. "Multiplayer games such as Electronic Arts’ Monopoly, Fingertapps JigsWar Puzzle, Fingertapps Musical Instruments, and nsquared makewords are an ease to play when the PC is laid flat."

As always, the details are rather slim when HP introduces a new device, and it's not expected to be available until July for an undetermined price. But HP's TheNextBench provides a little advertisement in the form of a hands-on blog, showing that the mega-tablet features a built-in stand for setting it upright in desktop mode.

"It may look like a larger-than-life-sized tablet, but don’t go thinking that you can play a pinball game on the bus with HP’s new ENVY Rove20 (I was tempted to try)," said GizmoGladstone. "This is an awesomely designed All-in-One PC that you can take with you around the house. And it’s more than enough to make a statement about being a family-ready PC."

He goes on to indicate that HP is shooting for a sub-$1,000 price, and that there will be more than enough hardware under the screen to run all the basic apps (and a couple games) you can throw at it. The gadget also weighs around 12 pounds, which seemingly makes it less than ideal for ebook or virtual magazine reading (although he clearly does so in one picture).

The unit sports a number of USB ports, a flash memory card slot, volume buttons, a rotation-lock button, and a power button. Parked at the bottom of the display is a solid-sounding, front-firing Beats audio speaker kit. "You want booming audio wherever you need to relocate at home? This thing has considerable bump," he said.

That's about it. HP is expected to release more hardware details as the July launch date grows closer.

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  • irish_adam
    1600 x 900? i should hope its sub $1000

    phones have higher resolutions than that now let alone 20" screens
  • greghome
    What am I gonna do with a 20" Tablet? hm....
    BTW, anyone noticing the disappearing comments in this new comment system on Toms
  • Other Comments
  • irish_adam
    1600 x 900? i should hope its sub $1000

    phones have higher resolutions than that now let alone 20" screens
  • joytech22
    1600x900? That's cute.
    Still lagging behind in displays I see.
    If they can manage 1080P in a display just under 5" for $700 devices, they sure as hell can do it for 20" displays.
  • whyso
    IF thats a 20 inch laptop, 1080p is a must.