Eight-core Sandy Bridge Chip Listed on eBay

Case in point: Here’s an eight-core, hyper-threaded Sandy Bridge E-series processor that showed up on eBay just last week. Due in the fourth quarter of this year, the Sandy Bridge E chips are aimed directly at the enthusiast market. This chip, stamped with ‘Intel Confidential,’ boasts clock speeds of 1.60GHz and a 20MB of Level 3 cache. Intel's Turbo Boost technology has been disabled.

This listing has since been pulled (it’s likely Intel got wind of it). However, while it was live, the seller claimed the chip was ‘the only of its kind.’ Still, it might be hard to come by one now, we’re sure it will crop up some place else before Q42011. You just need to scrape together $1400 to make sure you can afford one when it does.

(via Engadget)

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  • Anonymous
    And also come up with a motherboard...
  • damian86
    It says it is no longer available. scammers, are they trying to get some free money..Its not even released yet.

    Anyway, its weird how the clock base is too low 1.6?
  • saood06
    how will u run it without a motherboard that supports socket 2011(which you would need first)?