Havok Launches Project Anarchy for Mobile Gaming

In a move advertised as "liberating mobile developers," Havok has unveiled Project Anarchy, a complete end-to-end mobile 3D game production engine available free of charge and without any commercial restrictions in Spring 2013.

Though further details are still unavailable at this time, it is confirmed that Project Anarchy will include access to the company's Vision Engine, suite of  physics, animation and A.I. tools and come with a "broad range of game samples and tutorials to help the mobile development community hit the ground running."

The company will also be launching ProjectAnarchy.com, an online community hub to "pro-actively promote and support developers through all stages of production" and encourage "free sharing and collaborative development of extensions and customizations by the community.

“We’re consistently blown away by what the AAA industry creates with our technology,” said Ross O’Dwyer, Head of Developer Relations at Havok. “We’re really delighted to be able to offer these professional grade tools to mobile developers for free and we look forward to supporting the mobile game development community to make some stunning games with the technology over the next few years.”

Havok's Project Anarchy will be available for download in Spring 2013 from ProjectAnarchy.com.

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  • Bloob
    ... What's the catch? April 1st?
  • renz496
    not really. i was aware that havok already have their own game engine for quite sometime but it seems there isn't much news about it.
  • twelch82
    The catch is probably that you don't get source access. It's not really worth it to waste your time on any engine that doesn't include source access. Some will argue you don't need it to make a game, and on a superficial level, that's true.

    However, as soon as you run into a bug with their black box, as soon as there is some behavior that you can't tweak, when you need to optimize something that you can't optimize, etc., then you've just wasted your time investment in technology you have no control over, and will never be able to get to do exactly what you need it to do.