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Evernote Wants to Build 'Magical' Hardware

Evernote Corporation, the company behind the successful note-taking service of the same name, is thinking of branching out. At least, the company's CEO wants to branch out. Speaking to IDG during the New Economy Summit, Phil Libin said the company will soon release branded hardware based on collaborations with partners. Further down the line, Evernote hopes to produce its own devices.

"We won't actually do the manufacturing, but we'll do the co-design together," IDG quotes Libin as saying. "Eventually, in a few years—three, four, five—I think we’ll be ready to do something ourselves."

What kind of devices is Evernote looking to produce? "New and magical" ones, according to Libin. While that might not tell us much, Libin told IDG that they'd like to do something new as opposed to entering an existing product space.

While they may seem like lofty plans, it's important to remember that this wouldn't be the first time we've seen a software/services company move into the hardware arena. Both Google and Amazon are both great examples of companies that ventured into own-brand hardware with great success. Google is releasing its Google Glass units later this year, on top of a successful line of tablets and smartphones, while Amazon has had five generations of Kindle (with different models, such as the DX, within those generations), and now has a line of ereader tablets.

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  • joebob2000
    I hope the magic they are referring to is a meeting-friendly supertablet that can record audio, do realtime speech to text (with speaker distinction) and allow for inline note taking. That, I would buy.
  • drwho1
    Is Harry Potter involved in this magical project?
  • Marco925
    Evernote Wants to Build 'Magical' Hardware

    Sorry guys, Apple beat you to it :P Don't wanna get sued now
  • dalethepcman
    Stick a picture of a fruit on it and it instantly becomes "Magical" to some people.