LG's Eye Recognition, Dual Camera Mode on Optimus G Pro

LG said on Wednesday that it will introduce a new multimedia UX feature on the Optimus G Pro smartphone. Called Smart Video, it will use eye recognition technology that will allow the user to manually control playback using their eyes. The phone will also come equipped with the world's first Dual Camera function.

According to LG, Smart Video will use eye recognition technology to determine the position of the viewer's eyes, and will start and stop video playback according to where the user is looking. Thus when the viewer looks away from the smartphone display, the front camera recognizes the shift and pauses the video. When the user glances back to the screen, the video will resume from the point last viewed.

As for the Dual Camera aspect, LG said this new feature is an extension of the Dual Recording aspect that was showcased during the Optimus G Pro's big reveal last month during MWC 2013. The new Dual Camera option simultaneously captures photographs using both the front and back cameras for a picture-in-picture composition.

"LG is continuously innovating to offer creative ways to offer a user experience that adds value to our customers," said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "It’s the positive UX that will differentiate smartphones in 2013 and beyond, not only cutting-edge hardware specs."

Both the Smart Video and Dual Camera features will be introduced as part of LG's Value Pack upgrade offered for the Optimus G Pro in Korea next month. The Value Pack also adds the ability to change the home button's LED color to correlate with contacts, refreshed QRemote functionality, a video recording pause/resume function, and color Emoticons.

LG said the Smart Video and Dual Camera will also be offered on a number of LG premium smartphones in the future. The Optimus G Pro itself is expected to ship in April.

Interestingly enough, Samsung touted these features in its reveal of the Galaxy S4. It looks like competition is heating up between these South Korean rivals!

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  • pacomac
    This has to be the most useless features ever. In a few years time we will look back on these features and laugh at what gimmicks manufacturers come up with to appear innovative! This is bound to be a feature best turned off.
  • thecolorblue
    time to tape up the cameras in order to have a shred of privacy

    before you know it there'd bea law passed making taping your lens illegal since you're only renting your phone and they use the info datamined from what you're thinking (vis a vis your eye travel on the screen) to "market to you better"... aka sell your preference for asian chicks in flash ADS to anyone with the money and interest in that info