VIDEO: Latest Installment of Win 7 Family Guy

In case you didn't know, Microsoft is launching Windows 7 today. Whatever about the barrage of marketing and advertising we've been subjected to all week, we can expect more the weekend of November 8. This is the date that a Microsoft-sponsored TV spot written by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is scheduled to air.

Dubbed Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show, the episode will feature characters from the show voiced by MacFarlane -- and fans of the show have been dubious about the collaboration. The two videos shown so far include a segment where Stewie "puts Windows 7 through its paces" by tweeting and a second clip that doesn't mention Microsoft or Windows 7 at all.

Check out the latest clip in which Stewie advertises the Windows 7 college tour Microsoft is planning.

Stewie Advertises the Windows 7 College Tour

[UPDATE] Embedding has been disabled because YouTube user Chipicao999 is a big meanie. I'll keep an eye out for an embeddable version and update accordingly but in the mean time, you can watch it on YouTube here. Fox made a copyright claim. Kudos to Chipi (aka Chipicao999) for being such a champ and providing a new link. Yes, I just said champ.

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  • Chipi
    I'm not a meanie, FOX made a copyright claim.
    You can get the video here:
    And you can bet I will upload every one of them :)
  • memnoch666devil
    umm the link does not work