Fedora Giving Away Mini-PCs Including Raspberry Pi

Fedora has kicked off its Summer of Hardware event which offers over 200 open hardware devices for Fedora contributors in a random drawing. As seen in the teaser above, the giveaway specifically coughs up fifty OLPC 1.75 units, 150 Raspberry Pi units, and 20 Arduino + Shield units. Applications will be accepted until August 15, 2012.

To qualify, participants must have a Fedora Project Account, and must have signed the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement. Participants must also be a member of at least one non-CLA / FPCA Fedora Group, and a legal resident of a participating country/region. Don't meet these requirements? Sorry, no mini-PC for you.

For the uninitiated, the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) 1.75 is an ARM-based, low-power laptop aimed at introducing children to technology and learning materials. The Raspberry Pi is a tiny ARM-based computer, about the size of your palm, that can be connected to a TV and a keyboard. The Arduino is a single-board microcontroller with an open hardware design and open source compiler and boot loader, expandable with add-ons called 'shields.'

Fedora is an RPM-based, general purpose collection of software including an OS based on the Linux kernel. It's developed by the community-supported Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat. The Fedora Project launched back in late 2003 when Red Hat Linux was discontinued.

According to the Sweepstakes official rules, participants must be a legal resident of Australia (excluding the states of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory), Belgium, Canada (excluding Quebec), Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, or the United States (excluding New York and Florida).

Participants must also be of the age of majority in his/her jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry. Qualifying participants can head here to get one of the three mini-PCs of their choice.

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  • DroKing
    Hot like overheating pentium 4 :P
  • nforce4max
    DroKingHot like overheating pentium 4
    Grab a huge slab of meat and toss it then run prime 95 for about 30min. Ready to eat :D
  • jacobdrj
    nforce4maxGrab a huge slab of meat and toss it then run prime 95 for about 30min. Ready to eat
    Some of us don't like to burn our slab of meat... 15 minutes and medium rare please...
  • bustapr
    meh, not a contributor or a member of those things. not interested in being one either. Wouldve liked a free arduino with stepper shield though.
  • acerace
    They have Singapore, but not Malaysia? No~
  • superp
    thank you mister, here is your tax deductible receipt.
  • arlandi
    why don't people make these kind of contests open to worldwide???
  • nile
    Article is dated July 27. You had to have been registered by the 25. A big waste of time to read the article and then register.