It's a Fermi Blowout! Win A GeForce GTX 480!

Our friends over at Palit have launched a contest that could put a hot-n-tasty GeForce GTX 480, 470, or 465 graphics card into your hands. Contestants merely need to hit the company's three social website pages and show a little love.

The contest actually started Tuesday, and will run on through August 16, 2010. First prize is the GeForce GTX 480, followed by the 470 as the contest's second place prize, and the 465 as the third place prize. Palit is also offering a "mystery" fourth place prize (no, they won't tell us save for that it won't involve hamsters), and five other complimentary prizes.

Ready to enter? Here's what you need to do: Do ONE of the following:


  • (a) Head here and click on "LIKE."
  • (b) Make sure you comment on the contest entry and insert the code phrase "I got game."


  • (a) Head here and then click "Follow."
  • (b) Retweet the name once with the code phrase "I got game."


  • (a) Head here and then click "Add to Friends."
  • (b) Make sure you comment on MySpace with the code phrase "I got game."

To learn more about the contest--including the terms and conditions--head here.

  • meat81
    Thought they meant that the next fermi card will have hair like Pauly from Jersey Shore...
  • antilycus
    NOBODY USES TWITTER, good luck!
  • tburns1
    Could you shorten that to Pauly Shore ...this sounded funnier in my head ...
  • matchboxmatt
    Kind of funny how a contest for a $500 card can generate thousands of dollars worth of press.
  • sirmorluk
    blech.. I wish this social networking crap would go away.
  • dragonfang18
    Who uses myspace still... I think Tila Tequila is the only member...
  • magruder13
    I haven't used my myspace in over 3 years...
  • fitzergerald
    Only teen queens use all three of those POS... Something tells me they could give two Sh!ts about a graphics card (unlike me :/ ). Now if it were Justin Bieber you'd have millions enter...
  • dgingeri
    let me see: you have to hit all 3 social sites to register. We've already seen the research on the effects of each type.

    1. twitter make people dumber
    2. facebook makes people smarter.
    3. myspace makes people much more vulnerable to ID theft.

    So, doing this contest will make people both dumber and smarter, yet also much more likely to have their ID stolen.

    I think I'll stick with my Facebook and continue ignoring Twitter and Myspace.
  • Onus
    "Like" Palit? I've never owned a Palit product, so that would be dishonest. Ok, I've got some RL friends on Facebook, but I refuse to "tweet," and MySpace is a spam/scam magnet. FAIL.