Tom's Guide: 14 Fighting Games for Android

We love all genres of video games but the classic fighting genre is one of our favorites. The likes of Street Fighter and Tekken are gems in our opinion. Sadly, we don't have as much time in front of the console as we'd like. Still, just because we're always on the go, doesn't mean we have to miss out. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of the best fighting games for Android devices, so be sure to check out '14 Fighting Games for Android Devices' if you want to get your fix on the go.

Fighting games, beat'em ups, and hack and slash games are old, familiar gaming genres. From professional combat sports to bare knuckle brawling and fantasy melees, action-oriented gamers have a world of games to out there with which to get their adrenaline rush. Presented next are a few fighting games for Android devices, from ports of classic arcade games, to slick modern brawlers fully taking advantage of modern gaming hardware.14 Fighting Games for Android Devices

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  • susyque747
    Gaming on tiny screens with tiny games, not for me.
  • UdovisDevoh
    Well, in most Fighting Games the controls are bad. A touch screen is not a gamepad. There is however a game name "Gesture Fighter" It is some kind of Street Fighter II clone but with controls adapted to touch screen.