Foxconn Installing Safety Nets to Catch Jumpers?

Foxconn has received a ton of attention because of a cluster of suicides at one of the company's Chinese factories. It's led to scrutiny of working conditions at the factory and a number of undercover reports have provided detailed descriptions of what it's like to work at the electronics manufacturing plant.

Foxconn has taken steps to try and stop the suicides. The company has hired councilors, monks and exorcists and given everyone a raise. They also asked employees to sign no-suicide contracts but retracted the idea after they realized it was a bit insensitive.

The latest effort on Foxconn's part appears to be installing safety nets to catch those who do decide to jump. A Gizmodo tipster sent in a photo of what are allegedly Foxconn-owned buildings in China. The photo also features safety nets that were supposedly installed to prevent any more deaths.

Foxconn has yet to comment on whether the picture on Gizmodo is actually of factory buildings.

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  • sliem
    "There are no suicides, you are holding it wrong."

  • xxyyzz
    How stupid do you have to be to see the net and still make the jump?
  • Anonymous
    I would be tempted to jump off the roof every lunchtime just for kicks if this was my work.
  • Other Comments
  • xxyyzz
    How stupid do you have to be to see the net and still make the jump?
  • fatkid35
    third floor, c'mon thats not far enough. what about a really good 30 floor swan dive. and make sure to wear an ipad as a helmet!
  • Anomalyx
    Really? Nets are the best they can do? It's like trying to stop a serial killer by banning him from using knives. They'll just use a different method. First of all, determine if there is a problem. Foxconn is huge, and suicide rates should be compared to suicide rates of the entire surrounding area. If there is, in fact, a problem, they need to treat it at the source, probably by making people's lives more pleasant. A raise isn't going to fix a crappy work environment.