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DICE May Add Oculus Rift Support in Frostbite Engine

Eurogamer reports that Battlefield developer DICE, one of the many studios owned by Electronic Arts, wants to investigate Oculus Rift support in its Frostbite 2 engine. The studio is currently seeking out a master thesis student to do all the dirty VR experimental work.

The request was discovered by a forum member at MTBS3D, and confirmed by Frank Vitz, head of the Frostbite creative team at DICE. He said that at least one of the guys on the Frostbite team is pushing for Oculus Rift support, and he himself is eager so see how the headset will handle the studio's engine.

"It should be awesome," Vitz admitted. "BF3 in S3D works great and our current version of the engine has all of that support still. I have one of the first Rift dev kits coming my way in March. We have an internal community eager to work on it... I know of at least four kits on order."

Instead of issuing a mandate for implementation, EA is instead allowing each game team to make their experiences work with the Oculus Rift, and make it work extremely well. "You and I both know how tricky 3D can be with different kinds of game play cameras. I have worked with several VR headsets in the past and they all fell short," he added.

Possible games that could implement Oculus Rift support include Battlefield 4 and Dragon Age 3. So far there are no promises, but there's a good sign that support could be a possibility given the Frostbite team's eagerness to make it work.

"The master thesis will focus on next generation VR technology and how to best implement support in video games," reads the EA listing. "This requires adding basic support in existing technology. Other areas of interest include modifications to better fit first person games, reducing latency, stereoscopic issues."

The Master Thesis is a non-paid and temporarily employment. For more information, head here.

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