PCMark Coming to Windows RT Along with iOS, Android

Futuremark recently announced that PCMark is heading not only to Android and iOS, but Windows RT as well. Unlike 3DMark which is focused on game performance testing, PCMark is more tuned for general device performance testing like applications, storage and specific scenarios.

"Like its Windows counterpart, PCMark for mobile platforms will feature benchmark tests based on common use scenarios," the company said. "By focusing on the activities and tasks that smartphone and tablet owners perform every day, PCMark mobile will provide a view of real-world system performance and battery life for modern mobile devices."

Futuremark said it is now inviting mobile device makers to join its Benchmark Development Program (BDP), as members will have the opportunity to provide input at all stages of benchmark development in addition to receiving regular development builds and complimentary site licenses. This membership will also compliment the company's existing PCMark Windows BDP which already enlists AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Seagate, Western Digital and many more.

The news of a mobile edition arrives after Futuremark launched PCMark 8 Professional on June 4. It's designed around common scenarios at the home and office, and is the essential tool for benchmarking the latest Windows 8 notebooks, tablets and desktop PCs, especially those based on Intel's new "Haswell" processors and AMD's new "Richland" line.

The new software includes five new benchmark tests: Home, Creative, Work, Applications and Storage. PCMark 8 also tests battery life throughout all five tests: simply choose Battery Life mode to loop the five benchmarks until the battery is almost empty.

PCMark 8 Professional Edition is licensed for commercial use and is intended for business, press and industry users. PCMark 8 Basic Edition and PCMark 8 Advanced Edition will be released later in June. Meanwhile, as previously stated, technology companies operating in the mobile industry are invited to apply for Benchmark Development Program membership now