Galaxy S III Breaks Pre-order Records with UK Vendors

Just last week, there was a rumor that Samsung had already gotten a massive nine million pre-orders for the Galaxy S III. While we don't yet know if that number is accurate, we do know that the phone is selling extremely well in the United Kingdom, where it is scheduled to launch late next week.

According to the Inquirer, Samsung's latest addition to its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets is doing very, very well in the UK. Though the phone has not yet launched, it's apparently breaking pre-order records across the pond. The Inq cites Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse representatives as saying its a record breaker. A Carphone Warehouse spokesperson yesterday revealed that the GSIII is the most pre-ordered phone of 2012, and Vodafone? Well, Vodafone goes one step further and says the Galaxy S III is the network's most pre-ordered Android phone ever.

"With over a week to go until launch, it's already the most pre-ordered Android device we've brought into our smartphone line-up to date and our limited time offer of 2GB of mobile data and 100 free music tracks is being snapped up."

The Galaxy S III was announced in the first week of May after a months-long build up. The device boasts a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED 1280 x 720 display; a quad-core Exynos processor; 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera on the back with a 1.9-megpixel affair up front; Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with Samsung's TouchWiz UI on top and new gesture functions to improve navigation; and HSPA+ support. Samsung is also working on an LTE model for the United States, which will also reportedly have a dual-core CPU instead of the quad-core Exynos that powers the international model.

The phone will launch on May 29 and is scheduled for release later this summer in North America.

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  • Kryan
    I'm with the guy above me....the colour chuices are a little off-putting. So is the size...I mean I realise the hardware needs its space, but really? THAT big? The HTC One S is the limit for me, size-wise. But I can't/won't get that due to it's closed battery and no mem card slot...points where the SIII excels...

    AHHHH I need them to release MY perfect phone!
  • del35
    If I get this phone it has to be unlocked and rooted. Have it on my radar. Just enjoying my Samsung Galaxy S2 these days, and waiting for Apple to release the iPhone 5 so I can have a few laughs.... Then I will pounce on the SGS 3, but might get the Japanese version with 2 gig of ram. The version planned for the US only has 1 gig of ram like the SGS2; on a positive note, that is certainly not as terrible as the fat and clunky iPhone 4s jail with its meager 512 meg of ram and that trashy siri.

    Heard that Apple is planning to invent the 4 inch screen when it comes out with the iPhone 5. Magical innovation indeed.

  • intelx
    im gonna wait until apple releases their new magical 4 inch screen... the screen size that has been available in the market for 3 years, but when apple does it its somehow new innovation and magical, and then buy the s3, price is too high for now
  • suoeno
    To me the SIII didn't really fix my current I9100G gripes apart from probably snazzier SW features. A smaller nm processed but still A9 gen Exynos quad and an OC'ed Mali 400MP (correct me if I'm wrong here because that's what I got from Anandtech's preview) are asking for too much of a premium. Still the same crap single loudspeaker that's weaker than the low end SE Live, that ridiculous Corby-ish plastic back and above all the same Samsung "gold" standard of timely official firmware revisions. My I9100G are still w/o ICS this very minute!

    I'd rather wait for any S4 Krait quad based Note killer (well if Samsung have this in the pipes..) or move on to HTC.
  • digiex
    It has more resolution than my netbook!
  • elcentral
    cool and epic but its a little to big screen for me as well, id rather go 7"asus tegra 3 and a smaller mobile. im probebly getting the next samsung but for now im going for nokia 808 this time. i dont play with my mobile eny-how only gps photos and work/calls.
  • beardguy
    This phone looks sweet, but the screen is too big for my taste.

    I just made the switch from iPhone to Android and it kicks ass :) Honestly, Apple needs to catch up with these new Android phones with the iPhone 5.
  • Sheeple flocking in droves to "upgrade" to the S3, which is identical to the S2! Congratulations to all the sheep on "upgrading" their phones to a model where the only difference is there is a 3 instead of a 2 in the name!
  • All those preorders but still wont play Crysis. At least my iPhone and Win7 phone play that...
  • getreal
    I didn't know Sam SUCK had nine million employees! Can you please publish the preorder results for the public and not from Sam SUCK employees?