Samsung Said to Be Prepping Android 4.0 Galaxy S Camera

Samsung has had a rough couple of days but it seems the company isn't going to let last week's billion dollar ruling in Apple's favor mess with its plans for IFA. Rumor has it the company is preparing to announce a brand new Galaxy device and, despite the company's tendency to double up on product lines (we can't be the only ones puzzled by the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1) this is unlike anything the company has released before.

GSMArena reports that Samsung is working on a Galaxy S III-based point-and-shoot camera. Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S Camera, the device features a 4.8-inch SuperAMOLED screen and is based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. GSMArena says this information comes from a tipster that has proven reliable on previous occasions. It's described as a Galaxy S III glued to the back of a point-and-shoot with the resulting device measuring roughly one and a half or two times as thick as the GSIII.

Set for an IFA unveiling, GSMArena's source says the camera will pack both WiFi and 3G connectivity, as well as a 16-megapixel sensor and a 10x zoom. Other than this, details were a bit scarce, but with IFA kicking off later this week, we're hoping to learn more soon. Samsung is scheduled to debut the Galaxy Note 2 at its Unpacked event tomorrow, and the Galaxy S Camera is apparently going to be shown alongside the 5.5-inch phone/tablet.

*Image Credit: Mock-up via GSMArena

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  • Au_equus
    So is it a camera that has phone functions, as opposed to a phone with camera functions?
  • idroid
    It would be very cool if you they come up with something like the iPod Touch, that would be great for the kids!
  • boiler1990
    idroidIt would be very cool if you they come up with something like the iPod Touch, that would be great for the kids!*sigh* That exists. Samsung Galaxy Player.
  • juuh
    I wonder how does this fare against Nokia 808 pureview in terms of picture quality. I will buy this one or the next "Lumia" pureview device.
  • Cryio
    "The show much go on"? Really.
  • belardo
    Important: The photo above *IS NOT* the device :)

    To au_equus: Its a Galaxy S phone with the optics and a few camera buttons (shutter / mode) on it. In case you don't know - Samsung also makes CAMERAS. 8mp or especially the 41MP Nokia phone-cameras is overkill for the camera-sensors. Anything more than 3/5MP is overkill. Its higher resolution than most monitors who who actually prints nowadays? You can buy a decent 12MP camera for $100 nowadays.

    The extra bulk should include a much bigger battery to handle the optics and flash. Then again, the battery for my Canon P&S is smaller than my Galaxy. :)

    Sony has been selling such Camera-Phones for years - for the dumb-phones. They were called Cyber-shot phones.
  • juuh

    41MP would be an overkill if the images would be at that size or RAW. It is the the technology behind that processes the image and then turns it to 8 or 5 MP image after being first shot as 41 MP and the outcome is much better than from any other phones whatever MP they have...
  • jcurry23
    Apple probably want this banned to be because didn't they patent the camera also.
  • kartu
    idroidIt would be very cool if you they come up with something like the iPod Touch, that would be great for the kids!Sony Walkmen series.
  • chuckydb
    My dreams are finally coming true...
    That is exactly the phone I always wanted.