Galaxy S2 Gets Benchmarked, Kicks Nexus Ass

Early benchmarks for the upcoming Galaxy S2 are in and we think it’s safe to say, this one is a beast. Boasting one of Samsung’s own 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos processors, Engadget points to some synthetic benchmarks that show the superphone registering 3,053 in Quadrant (more than double the score of a Nexus One running Android 2.2+ and triple what the original Samsung Galaxy S could pull off).

Samsung has yet to elaborate on what version of the phone will be shipped to each territory. Earlier in the year, it emerged that while some of the phones will be boasting Samsung's Exynos CPU, others will be shipping with Nvidia’s increasingly popular Tegra 2 chipset. Nvidia confirmed the news at the beginning of March. It’s thought that Samsung couldn’t produce enough Exynos CPUs in time for the launch so Tegra will pick up the slack until production reaches a satisfactory level. Until then, some territories will be getting the Tegra 2 model and some the Exynos.

Set for launch later this month (and on May 1 in the United Kingdom), we’ll find out more once the teardowns begin.

Benchmark source: Twitter (Eldar Murtazin)

(via Engadget)

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  • sabot00
    Wow, that's a pretty big differentiation, a Tegra 2 and dual-core Exynos
  • proxy711
    nice, but after my fascinate and the complete lack of support and updates for my phone its safe to say i wont buy a Samsung phone again.

    We shouldn't have to rely on leaks to update to 2.2, which is still old now.
  • joytech22
    My Galaxy S usually hits 2200 on that benchmark, why did they say triple that of the Galaxy S?

    Until samsung redeems themselves by freeing some of that 512MB RAM up for our use (which I complain about in EVERY post relating to a Galaxy S or android device and before somebody says "it needs to use that much" you better proofread before posting) I won't ever grab another Samsung item again.