Galaxy S4's Gorilla Glass 3 Display Gets a Scratch Test

We saw Corning's Gorilla Glass 3 put to the test at CES back in January. However, while seeing the glass go through stress tests involving vices and metal objects dropped from a height is interesting, it's not quite the same as seeing a demonstration with an actual smartphone featuring Gorilla Glass 3. The folks over at SamMobile have posted a video of the Galaxy S4, Samsung's newest baby, going through a scratch test.


Thanks to our CES demonstration, we know that Gorilla Glass 3 boasts "Native Damage Resistance," which provides improved durability to withstand deep scratches and cracks in the glass. Corning says that, compared to its previous offerings, Gorilla Glass 3 provides enhanced scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility, and better retained strength once a scratch occurs. If to see how your shiny, new Galaxy S4 will hold up against car keys and the general wear and tear that comes with bouncing around in a pocket or purse, check out the video below, courtesy of Samsung Mob!lers:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Scratch Test

Check out the CES demo of Gorilla Glass 3 here:

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 CES2013

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  • pgreed
    Do the test with a stone and upload the result :)
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  • TheMadFapper
    We saw the same thing with Gorilla Glass 2, but yet my Lumia 920 will come out of my pocket with random new scratches all the time (and nothing else would be in the pocket).
  • johnnyq1233
    Just looked at the specs for the Lumia 920 and no where on the specsheets does it say Gorilla Glass is used on that phone!
  • WretchedSoul44
    Use otterbox and you basically never have to worry about scratches on the glass itself. I have it on my note 2 and the screen protector has some scratches and one deep one (from when it fell face down on the screen on rocks/gravel at four feet), but the glass has nothing.