GameKlip Lets You Pair an Android Device With PS3 Controller

As creatively entertaining some mobile gaming applications can be, any iOS or Android gamer can attest to the fact that many games are lacking in the controls department. Since there's only so much that poking at a touchscreen and tilting a phone can do, some developers and accessory creators have focused their efforts on inventive gamepad attachments.While some of these attachments are nice, none of them replicate the feel of current-generation consoles like the GameKlip. But that's probably because the GameKlip actually uses a current-generation console controller as an attachment. Taking advantage of the Sixaxis Controller app for rooted Android phones, GameKlip conveniently attaches a PS3 controller to your compatible Android device, effectively transforming it into a much more versatile miniature gaming console.

Designed by Ryan French, the GameKlip is nothing more than a simple plastic mount that lets you connect the controller to an Android phone. But this little piece of plastic can definitely change your mobile gaming experience for the better. Unfortunately, the app isn't compatible with every Android device out there, but the developers have been working hard to add more devices to its list.

GameKlip for Android

For Android users who haven't rooted their device, French is also offering a version of the GameKlip with included cable attachments, but the list of compatible unrooted phones is pretty much limited to the latest Galaxy phones and a few of HTC's recent models. Either way, mobile gamers with PS3 controllers can purchase the GameKlip for a measly $15 or $23 for the one with included cable.


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  • plekter
    Would be awesome with some smaller, more mobile, controller.
  • fb39ca4
    Agreed, that controller is a bit too bulky to be carrying around.
  • alidan
    this would make phone and tablet gameing a viable option.