GameStop: Xbox 720's Ban of Used Games Will 'Significantly Diminish' Demand

Amid reports that the Xbox 720 will be unable to play used games, U.S. games retailer, GameStop, believes that such a move from Microsoft will "significantly diminish" the Xbox 360 successor's demand.

Speaking to Bloomberg, GameStop representative Matt Hodges referred to a company survey that found consumers would be less likely to purchase a console that limits the ability to trade pre-owned games.

"We know the desire to purchase a next-generation console would be significantly diminished if new consoles were to prohibit playing pre-owned games, limit portability or not play new physical games."

The Xbox 720 will apparently feature an "Oban" system-on-chip that has a PowerPC-based 32 nm processor core and an ATI "Southern Islands" GPU core. Meanwhile, other reports suggest that the next-gen console will require an always-on Internet connection in order to function.

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  • blader15sk8
    In the last paragraph about the SoC, you link to an article that is over a year old.. I thought the rumors now were x86 CPU?
  • Deadboy90
    I know any desire I had to get it disappeared when I found out about the used game ban. I have no problem not being able to trade in a digital purchase of a game that I paid full price for, Im giving up that right to not have to interact with people to lay hands on it, but not being able to lend a physical copy of something I paid 60 bucks for? No thank you microsoft.
  • kawin
    Of course GameStop is worried, it's gonna put them out of business.
  • MauveCloud
    I hadn't heard about this used game ban before, but if this is true, they just threw a big advantage of consoles over PC out the window - if I can't rent games to try them out, or sell them to GameStop if I discover something later in the game that makes me want to stop playing, I'm not buying the system.
  • bison88
    blader15sk8In the last paragraph about the SoC, you link to an article that is over a year old.. I thought the rumors now were x86 CPU?

    Backwards compatibility with existing X-Box 360 games without needing to do some voodoo magic and basically emulate the 360 environment which is IBM PPC vs x86. Emulation would kick the ass of even some very modern processors so it might make sense to take existing inventory of chips and slap them in the console in an idle state or powered down unless needed. Of course it's all just rumors at this point and nobody really knows what the hell either Sony or Microsoft are going to put out.
  • mrmez
    Guess I'll just wait for it to get hacked first.
  • p05esto
    If this is true (the required internet connection or innability to play used games) I would NOT buy the system. No exception, no questions. PERIOD.

    I tell you what, Microsoft is really making a lot of bad decisions these days. With the steaming pile of dung that is Win8 and these Xbox rumors I'm beside myself. Not good.
  • Kraizk
    I find it impossible to use this as a valid reason to not buy the console (assuming the always on requirement is incorrect as Microsoft would be making a large mistake as UBI Soft is learning).

    I do not care for used games and the idea of saving $5 on a game does not out weigh the risk of the disk being damaged (had this happen on more than 1 occasion) and the fact that any included content is now null and void. Not to mention I know the sucker who traded it in was given pennies on the dolar. With more and more titles requiring the activation of online privileges through content codes used games have already lost a large amount of their luster.

    The only place I see a flaw here is for the rental game market which while disappointing also does not personally impact me as I buy games I like, not just rent them.
  • atavax
    Even if when the console comes out, they allow used games, i would be unwilling to buy the console because i know at any time they could change their stance and disallow used games and i wouldn't be able to do anything about it.
  • samwelaye
    gamestop rips off and gouges used games anyways. Why buy used when new is only $5 more?