Report: New Xbox Will Require Constant Web Connection

Fresh reports suggest that the upcoming Xbox, rumored to be called the Xbox 720, Infinity, or Durango, could require an always on internet connection. Edge Magazine, the same company that said the Xbox 720 wouldn't be available in the United Kingdom until 2014, has said the next generation Xbox will require a constant internet connection in order to function.

Edge says the requirement will rule out a second hand game marker for the console but cites sources with first-hand experience of the new Xbox console that say that although the next Xbox will be "absolutely" committed to online functionality, games will still be made available to purchase in a physical format. Not only that, but Edge says Microsoft will abandon HD-DVD in favor of Blu-ray, stating that future Xbox games will be manufactured on 50GB Blu-ray discs.

Web connection as an aside, Edge's sources also commented on previously rumored sources for the new Xbox, stating that talk of a 1.6Ghz eight-core AMD CPU and a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution were true. They also mentioned 8GB of DDR3. and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. 

Sony is expected to show off the next iteration of PlayStation later this month, so hopefully Microsoft won't be too far behind with the new Xbox. Then we'll finally know for sure.

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  • jkflipflop98
    I just built an HTPC and it's amazing. It's like having a beyond-next-gen console right now. There's no way in hell I'll ever buy another M$ console where you have to spend 20 of their stupid "points" every time you push the X button.
  • weaselman
    Sick of all the rumors, why can`t they just keep there mouths shut till the console is launched, and what difference does it make you find out what it has or not got or requires.
  • stellato12
    "They also mentioned 8GB of DDR3. and 8GB of DDR3 RAM."

    So it's got 16GB of DDR3 RAM? Daaaaaaaamn son!

    Or do you just suck at proof reading?
  • Retrowire
    This just in, Microsoft gives a big middle finger to all people that have data caps, or no internet connection whatsoever.

    They're probably doing it to protect themselves from piracy or whatever (license key's and all that jazz) but come on, the world can only afford so much BS.
  • aarnoldupenn
    What are you talking about.... I've had 360 since day one not used points once. PC games have expansion packs too that cost 20 dollars?
  • Suzaku
    stellato12"They also mentioned 8GB of DDR3. and 8GB of DDR3 RAM."So it's got 16GB of DDR3 RAM? Daaaaaaaamn son!Or do you just suck at proof reading?Wait even if it's just a typo, that means the next xbox will have more ram (even if it's shared with the gpu). I guess it's time to replace my aging pc oO.
  • jaber2
    its a rumor
  • pacomac
    If these specs are true Microsoft can count me out!

    I really fear for Microsoft's future. I purchased a new Windows 8 tablet from Sony and while the hardware is great the OS and quality of apps are far from acceptable. I installed the latest Office and then quickly removed it, can't believe this piece of crap was written by the same company. Now crappy Xbox 720 specs that are nowhere close to next gen (1.6GHz with 800MHz GPU). I can see the 360 outselling the 720 for some time to come at this rate.
  • bison88
    I honestly can't see either Sony or Microsoft doing this, as much as they would LOVE to I'm sure along with the support of nearly every game developer/publisher. It just seems like consumer suicide. Look how much problems we've had with the DRM on the PC. Whatever wasn't killed by crappy games built for the PC that shifted gamers to a more entertainment oriented console, was utterly destroyed when DRM took hold after their BS claims sales declined because of piracy alone.

    Doing the same with consoles could be the rebirth of the PC, as we've heard some say it's long overdue. In a down economy it's much harder to justify a $399 or $499 console price with mediocre guts when the previous two generations were somewhat revolutionary at their time and cost equally as much. Adding more fuel to the fire isn't going to make things better. Not to mention what happens when you tie a game to a console? Backwards compatibility for future consoles? Gone. Bringing your game to a friends house and not lugging around the whole console? Gone. RRoD forcing you to replace the console 3 times? Enjoy tech support. That's without even touching the Used Game portion. Ever want to play a game years later, but you lost the disc, scratched to hell, worn out, or sold it after you finished? Most of the time the only way to get old games is via the Used Game process.

    Again. Don't think they'll do it, but they sure would love to.
  • old_newbie
    If true, bad move M$. I understand its all business and I'm not against trying to prevent piracy or boost new game sales, but this aint the answer (persistent internet and disc activation codes). It only proves that M$ is still out of touch with the average gamer.

    What they dont realize is that the second hand market contributes to new game sales. The reason why early adopters wantonly plop down $60 for new games is partly because they know they can recoup some money on the resale of the game in the used market...and that recouped money helps fund the purchase of their next new game. Take that away and gamers will be VERY selective of the games they buy (I buy this game and that's it...cant sell it, loan it, or do anything else with it). This means LESS new game sales, where M$ sees revenue.

    The only way I can see to overcome this (and keep these supposed restrictions) is to cut new game prices 30-40% or start their own used xbox game market (sell activation codes). Just my $.02.