Microsoft Launches Anti-Google Campaign With Video Jab

Just a couple of weeks ago we saw Microsoft take out ads in major newspapers to highlight Google's controversial new privacy policy and encourage users to switch to Microsoft-branded solutions. This week, Microsoft's marketing team is taking aim at another aspect of Google's business: Google Apps.

The video below features a Don Draper look-a-like, a smooth-talking stranger that wants you to move your business to Google's cloud-based productivity suite. However, Microsoft is quick to point out (through song!) that Google Apps is constantly changing and will be unfamiliar to those that have spent years using Microsoft Office. However, the company also goes one step further and suggests that Google isn't really that committed to Google Apps. Instead, Microsoft says Google Apps is just something Mountain View just works on during its down-time. Ouch. The video coincides with the launch of Why Microsoft, a site dedicated to highlighting all the reasons business users should choose Microsoft products. You can check it out here.

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  • kinggraves
    A company releases negative advertising against it's competition. No kidding? Google competes with Microsoft now on several fronts, OS, mobile OS, browser, search engine.

    Even the statement they're making is their oldest and most functional method of keeping customers. "Don't use the other guys, you already know us!" Not anything about how they're better in any way, just more familiar.
  • molo9000
    I'm not a fan of google... but WTF? Fear-mongering is not going to keep Microsoft's quasi-monopoly alive.
  • Interesting video from company that changed interface radically from Office 2003 to 2007.
  • rex86
    Oh Google smite them with your mighty hammer! May they suffer and die in their own feces. :D
  • cryogenic
    Nothing to see here, just your ordinary corporate barking through the fence at the other company, you can move along now, life is more interesting than this, ... really!

  • damianrobertjones
    How about Google makes sure that whatever the user installs and then un-installs actually REMOVES the DAMN services! Google... a very lazy company.
  • mobrocket
    DeFragInteresting video from company that changed interface radically from Office 2003 to 2007.
    agreed... i know many people who have struggled in our office when we went from 03 to 10

    i always think negative advertising is funny.... if your product is so much better, it should be clear it is and u dont need to point out the negatives of your competation (ie Mac vs PC ads from back in the day)
  • del35
    I am no fan of Microsoft or Google, but believe that The Church iCrap and its dumbed-down clueless conscripts are hell for technology. Any competition between Google and Microsoft is good for the consumer because these two companies have a positive approach to technology and are likely not to undermine the freedom of choice. But when Apple thrives we all suffer because Apple is about deceit, hoodwinking, jailing, drm infestation and the like. So I like seeing Microsoft making fun of Google and vise-versa.
  • No need to make commercials like this. Companies still know that the internet is still not safe. They are smart enough to know that. Much better to keep all your important data safe in your own backyard than on the cloud. Much easier to manage and backup. And so much faster too (in Gigabits). Even now online accounts get infiltrated, why not the cloud?

    I'm a programmer. And why would I convert all my software to support Google. That will take up 75% of all softwares on the world. Not cost effective enough.

    Probably Microsoft thinks a lot of companies are already being mislead by Google. A little commercial won't hurt.
  • casperstouch
    So, Microsoft changes their entire menu to a ribbon, that is awful. Google comes up with online apps that make it easier for those not wanting the ribbon. Then makes an add stating that Google Apps changes the way their program works. Kind of self inflicted pain I think.