Google Said to be Preparing Half Million of Cheaper Nexus 7

According to Taipei-based DigiTimes, Google is planning to cut the $199 price tag of its Nexus 7 tablet further.

The search engine giant and the tablet's manufacturer Asus are reportedly looking to manufacturer Nexus 7 units that will retail for $150, ultimately going as low as $99, according to sources at display component maker O-Film Tech.

The site added that the lower-priced Nexus 7 tablets should be released by the second quarter of next year. O-Film is said to have commenced the shipping of components for the lower-priced Nexus 7 in December, with the company's touch-screen glass-film-film (GFF) technology leading to lower production costs, as well as making the device itself thinner.

The cost-reduction measures may lead to a $99 Nexus 7 eventually, but, initially at least, a price range of $129 to $149 for the tablet will be offered, apparently. Shipment estimates for the cheaper tablet, meanwhile, ranges from 500,000 to 600,000 during the first quarter of shipments.

While Asus, who is rumored to be working on its own Android-powered tablet, initially rejected the notion of a cheaper Nexus 7, speculation has continued for months.


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  • Pyree
    If selling for $99, the Nexus 7 will probably become the most popular tablet for awhile.
  • Anonymous
    @getreal, get real...
  • markconstable
    @getreal doesn't get it, poor fella. Google doesn't have to make any return, let alone a high return, on the Nexus tablets because they make money via people using them with Google services. What REALLY matters to Google is that every time they sell a Nexus, or any Android device, that is one less sale to Apple or M$. That's what matters to Google.
  • Other Comments
  • Pyree
    If selling for $99, the Nexus 7 will probably become the most popular tablet for awhile.
  • slatanek
    yeah, in America maybe. why-o-why is Europe being constantly ignored by the likes of Google? are we that small of a market? perhaps they should reconsider their shipping/pricing policy then people would buy more I guess.

    if you're lucky enough to even come across one you can get the Nexus 7 8GB for €199 which translates to $262. WTF?! for that you Americans will get a 16GB version and you'll still have some change for a cover or something.

  • getreal
    LOL at these Android tablets. They literally have to GIVE them away to get people to consider them!


    Congratulations on the unsustainable business model. When everyone expects a free device, you will be hard pressed to convince people to start paying for them after you have bankrupted your mobile division and can no longer play Robin Hood by giving away smart phones to poor people.