Today's Google Doodle Is An Awesome UFO Game

Google's Doodles have become more complicated over the years. Though they started out as simple drawings, they've progressed to animated works of art and sometimes full blown games. Google is treating us to the latter this morning. The company is commemorating the Roswell UFO incident with a small adventure game that sees the player take on the role of a displaced extra terrestrial.


Your job is to help the little guy collect the parts of his ship so he can reassemble it and go home. At the end, you're rewarded with a link to the Google search results for 'Roswell UFO incident.' Google hasn't yet said whether or not it will maintain the mini game once the Doodle's time expires (it kept its Pac-Man game from March 2010 alive and it's still accessible today via so you better try it while it's on the homepage.

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  • jhansonxi
    Cute. Reminds me of Samorost and similar games by Amanita Design. I didn't understand the theory behind the doorbell but I may have missed some visual clue due to the dark graphics and small screen.
  • lp231
    The first time I played it, I never knew there was a deep pit where the cow is, but I still beat it. Don't know what the feather is for? The game seems glitched, but it's still fun.
  • guru_urug
    ^^The feather is to tickle that sleeping dude, who in his sleep is holding on to the bottom part of the spaceship.
    This took me back to time when I used to play point and click DOS based games like the Hugo series and stuff. Really well thought of, Google.