Inside Logitech Revue With Google TV, Undressed

Logitech's Revue is so new, you probably haven't even gotten your preorder yet. However, as always, the folks at iFixit have gotten the latest gadgets before everyone else, and as always, they're teasing us by taking it apart instead of using it for its intended purpose.

Most of the time we know exactly what's inside whatever iFixit is taking apart long before the team whips out its screw drivers and spudgers. However, the Logitech Revue wasn't nearly as talked about as say, the newest Apple TV, so let's run through the specs really quickly for those who have no idea what they're looking at:

The Logitech Revue is the first Google TV device to hit the market so it's kind of special in that regard. That said, Google is partnering with Intel on this project, so don't be surprised to see a lot of Atoms in Google TV products (TVs and companion boxes alike). Kicking things off is the Logitech Revue with a 1.2GHz Atom (Apple TV's A4 is 1GHz). Accompanying that Atom is 1GB DDR3 RAM, and 5GB NAND flash. Just for the sake of comparison, Apple TV has 256MB of RAM but wins out when it comes to storage with 8GB of flash.

The iFixit team found the Revue fairly easy to take apart (scoring an 8 out of 10 on the repairability scale), and found "a ton of unused space" inside. This, along with a fan that blows air directly across the CPU heatsink, should help keep things nice cool.

Check out the gallery below for the full teardown, and be sure to click through to iFixit for instructions on how to do it yourself.

  • Camikazi

    Sorry I had to do it, the title provoked that response from me :)
  • lauxenburg
    I'm pleasantly surprised. A Gigabyte board. Solid caps (or so it appears), ferrite chokes among other things. Looks like a pretty well built machine.

    This is compared to my cable box which runs at about 9,000C with huge through hole electrolytic junk caps.

  • bachok83
    This is just wrong.. I think you need to tag these articles with NSFW.. it is just too revealing ;)
  • winner4455
    Oh my, my parents walked in when I was looking at this... Stupid strict computer parents.
  • gekko668
    Gadget porn for the nerd.
  • Flameout
    i wonder why google didn't go with amd?
  • theoutbound
    Impressive looking box. I would love to see a revue. Sorry, but it had to be done.
  • Darkerson
    Not bad. It looks to be well built and with the exception of having a little less flash storage then the AppleTV, it seems like it would be more capable in all the other departments.
  • liveonc
    The box is my only complaint. I'd prefer one of those passive fully aluminum casings. Laptops have active cooling pads & even passive cooling mats for those who'd like to help out from the outside. Docking stations are nothing new & wireless charging is even possible the same way cordless mice without batteries are done. Some things are best done from the outside, but the casing has to complement these external accessories.
  • dEAne
    Quite new to me it is like a switch hub to me.