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Diskeeper Can Help Prevent HDD Fragmentation

There's nothing more hateful than a hard drive that's so fragmented, ants could build a new mound before a single file can be accessed. It would be nice if it were possible to find a way to prevent fragmentation before it even begins to fester. Unfortunately, disk fragmentation has become another tolerated aspect of life like changing a flat tire or picking up after a toddler on a toy rampage.

But maybe that's about to change. The Diskeeper Corporation claims that its latest Diskeeper 2010 products can prevent cluttered drives using its proprietary IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention technology. To prove its case, the company released a white paper document explaining the technology (pdf), and how it invokes faster write speeds while preventing the annoying clutter.

According to the company, IntelliWrite is an advanced file system driver that leverages and improves upon modern Windows’ file system “Best Fit” file write design in order to write a file in a non-fragmented state. Diskeeper also said that, in addition to fragmentation prevention and better write performance, IntelliWrite provides an "energy friendly approach" and better compatibility to other storage management solutions.

Additionally, Diskeeper's white paper provides a number of benchmarks showing how the technology improves drive performance, using a variety of common business applications and use cases. Currently the Diskeeper 2010 software utilizing IntelliWrite comes in five flavors: Professional, Pro Premier, Server, Enterprise Server, and Administrator.