HP PC CTO Phil McKinney Soon Calling it Quits

McKinney announced on his blog that he will be retiring and, in the future, helping others to innovate.

McKinney is believed to have orchestrated HP's acquisition of VoodooPC and he is believed to have had a close relationship with VoodooPC co-founder Rahul Sood, both of which frequently showed their respect to each other. Sood announced his departure from HP in late 2010. Together, McKinney and Sood developed some of the most recognizable PCs that HP has come up with over the past decade, including the Blackbird and Firebird PCs, as well as the Envy 133 notebook. Without those sparks, HP's product lineup would have been as boring as a toothpick.

McKinney said that he will now be focusing on publishing a book, he wants to become a blogger, podcaster, speaker and teach innovation. He noted that his last day at HP will be December 31.

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  • captaincharisma
    time to jump off the sinking ship
  • dark_knight33
    If they stopped choosing puppets (whitman) and incompetent (Leo) CEOs to lead HP, maybe they could hold onto some talent. I thought Mark Hurd was a greedy, arrogant prick, and deserved to fired, but at least he made HP profitable.

    2nd executive to announce leaving HP in such a short time is a bad sign. The employees have no confidence in the board, they're the ones that should be leaving.
  • Ragnar-Kon
    captaincharismatime to jump off the sinking ship

    Eh I wouldn't call HP's PC lineup a sinking ship. The whole... buying Palm to get webOS and then deciding that webOS was crap thing was pretty bad, but McKinney was more than likely not involved in that fiasco.