Homefront 2 Release May be Pushed Back Due to THQ Sale

Last week, publisher THQ was forced to finally hang up its hat, auctioning off its assets to bidders. Crytek, already developing THQ's Homefront 2, decided to buy up the rights to the game for a little over half a million.

In an interview with VG247, Crytek General Manager, games Nick Button-Brown explained Crytek's motivations for buying up the IP and why the game's release date may possibly be pushed back from the original, vague one of 2015. “Crytek’s focus is fairly similar to THQ’s -namely to make the best game possible,” he stated, “so this will not have too much impact on the development itself. However, we might change the release date that we haven’t announced, and move this to another release date we won’t announce yet either.”

“The main reason we wanted to purchase the IP was because the game is coming along so well. The team in Crytek UK has put their heart and soul into the game, and the progress is great – [our] last milestone was excellent.

“The worst case scenario for us was that this situation meant that all that work just ended up being thrown into the bin, so we wanted to buy the IP to make sure the team can finish off the game they wish to make. But we always have and will believe in the potential of the IP. This is why we agreed to work on it in the first place, so it’s now beneficial for us to have control over the IP’s destiny.”

Announcing a delay for a release date that wasn't made official to begin with is a strange move on Crytek's part, especially when considering that the game isn't due for another two years in the very least.

The original Homefront was released in 2011, and made quite a splash with its marketing campaign. Unfortunately, the game released to underwhelming reviews, due to its lackluster single player and myriad issues with its multiplayer. The original had the potential to be the blockbuster shooter IP like Call of Duty and Battlefield that THQ hoped it to be, but the project fell flat because of the game's developer. Hopefully, with the talent at Crytek, Homefront 2 becomes the game that the original was meant to be.

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  • A Bad Day
    -namely to make the best game possible

    You don't say...
  • wannabepro
    A Bad DayYou don't say...I somehow doubt it. Their goal is to make the most money possible.

    Hopefully they won't pull an Activision and release $60 "map packs" year after year.
  • Cryio
    Some people just won't learn. If you make a really good game and you advertise it a little, it will sell.

    Just look as Dihonored.
  • Why make a Sequel to the buggiest game ever? ...... waste of money and time
  • NuclearShadow
    Does anyone care about Homefront 2? I'm not even trying to be ass but really does anyone? I have 4 friends out of my around 150 friends on Steam that own Homefront. I own it, I don't know how or why I do but it must have been in a pack and I never even bothered to install it let alone play it. I've never once caught any of the 4 friends playing it. Why Crytek bothered to buy the franchise is beyond me.
  • mesab66
    They've already invested alot into it and must be confident to continue. I'd say give them the benefit of the doubt. It's very easy to buy holiday sale packs on Steam - most of us do, and end up with lots of titles still to play (alot different from what we did a few years back).
  • demonhorde665
    "but the project fell flat because of the game's developer."

    every one want's to blame the developers , fans blame the devs , then the publishers also blame devs , its just BS. when a game releases with a Myriad of bugs .. ITS JUST AS MUCH THE PUBLISHER"S FAULT AS IT IS THE DEV"S IF NOT MORE!!!. lastly the developers were not the ones that went chapter 11. so maybe it wasn't so much their fault . for people that don't know the publisher's have a rather large hand in the development direction and are in constant contact with developers over a project's progress , they utlimately set the deadline and even dictate what may or may not appear in a game . so to lay blame solely on the developer is total utter BS and shows just how little Tom's knows about the game development process. As for THQ blaming the developer that's typical a-- covering, but they KNOW better.
  • greghome
    This time around, I hope they'll put in more guns than just a bunch of reskinned or modded or half cut M16s......
    and make the game less scripted
  • webbwbb
    Also, the majority of the testing is done by the publisher. If you ever sat through Call of Duty credits for the scene at the end, then you know that the publisher has ~4 times as many testers as the developer.

    I played through Homefront and really enjoyed it. It has good gameplay and a nice story. The only thing that bothered me was that it had a pretty short campaign. It's kind of unfortunate that Crytek has it now because they are notorious for making short campaigns.
  • Angry Bellic
    THQ, What about Saint's Row 4, I am waiting a damn lot of time to say hate comments on it. GTA IV IS THE BEST!!! AND GTA V IS THE PERFECT ONE!