Tom's Guide: Running Old Sega Games On Your Desktop

Despite all the amazing games advancements in graphics and PC technology have brought us, you just can't beat the classics. While we appreciate the beauty of today's games, the charm of the games we played in years gone by will never fade. Unfortunately, the systems required to play those games have seen better days. The Tom's Guide team has put together a little How To that explains how to play your favorite Sega games on your desktop PC. Be sure to check it out!

Sega's consoles have a long history of storied, classic games that go right back to the dawn of the computer gaming age. Such classics as the Phantasy Star series, the birth of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, right up to the sheer open world awesomeness of Shenmue have delighted gamers the world over for years. Though the consoles themselves are no longer made or supported, it is still possible to play your old collection of Sega classics with the use of console emulator software.Running Old Sega Games On Your Desktop

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  • susyque747
  • MatildaPersson
    Download emulator, open ROM, play?
  • Shin-san
    susyque747Why?There are some very nice Sega games that were made.
  • what if i am running ubuntu ? anyone know of any emulators for linux??
  • obsama1
    eternal observerwhat if i am running ubuntu ? anyone know of any emulators for linux??
    Here are some Linux emulators:
  • Here in brazil we still can buy a brand new Mega Drive. And the best is that many of the best games come in the memory.
  • kryptalivian
    Time to break out Streets of Rage!
  • ksio89
    Best emulator for Sega Genesis/Master System/Game Gear/CD/32X is Kega Fusion 3.64.It's simply the best one available for Windows, and the more important thing is that it chooses accuracy over speed.