Seagate Hybrid-HDD-SSD Unveiled for Notebooks

Last week we reported that Seagate was teasing the press with a "game changing" device that would be revealed this week. Additional reports indicated that it would be a hybrid drive that combined the capacities and low costs of a hard drive with the speed of a solid state disk. Holding true to its promise, Seagate on Monday revealed the Momentus XT drive, slated to be the fastest 2.5-inch laptop hard drive ever created.

The concept is simply awesome: merging 7200rpm platters (250 GB, 320 GB, and 500 GB) with 4 GB of SLC NAND flash. Seagate's Adaptive Memory technology combines the two by identifying patterns in how often certain digital data is used. The most frequently used data is thus moved to the solid state memory for faster access. In essence, it's tailor made to each individual user while offering a huge performance gain in return.

"We see the Momentus XT drive as a game changer, a product heralding a new generation of hard drives that combine SSD and HDD capabilities so that laptop users don’t have to make trade-offs on speed, cost or capacity," said Dave Mosley, Seagate executive vice president of Sales, Marketing and Product Line Management.

In addition to Seagate's announcement, ASUS said that it will offer the new Momentus XT drive as an upgrade option for its new Republic of Gamers (ROG) G73jh notebook. ASUS said that the drive installs as easily as a traditional 9.5-mm-high notebook drive for new systems or laptop upgrades. And unlike prior hybrid solutions, the Momentus XT operates independently of the OS and the motherboard chipset.

Now we just need a desktop model!

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  • fpsdominator
    I hope they make it in a 3.5 inch form also
  • sliem
  • insider3
    Now we just need a desktop model!

    And a price tag!