Intel Cuts Nearly 300 Employees in Ireland

Intel has said that the job cuts are a result of the consolidation of two of its factories on the property which is situated just outside of the Irish capital, Dublin. The chip maker said that the cuts were a direct result of a decline in demand for older 200mm technologies.

“The fact of the matter is the older 200mm technologies are coming to the end of their useful life and there aren’t that many customers left for those products. The key is repurposing ourselves; identifying a new transition path and winning new investment is vital,” an Intel spokesperson said, according to Silicon Republic.

Intel has begun a three month consultation to determine which staff will be the first to go come October. The compulsory layoffs are the first for Intel Ireland following the company's request for 300 voluntary redundancies at the beginning of the year. Intel has invested more than $6 billion in its Irish facilities since it first set up shop in Ireland back in 1989.

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  • cdillon
    Don't say "cuts 300 employees" in the title and then say "cuts 294 jobs" in the summary text. That just looks retarded.
  • JMcEntegart
    It's been altered to avoid confusion.
  • Marcus Yam
    cdillonDon't say "cuts 300 employees" in the title and then say "cuts 294 jobs" in the summary text. That just looks retarded.

    While I see where you are experiencing dissonance, please understand that there are certain conventions in news writing. Although it may seem to be a simple matter of making the headline the exact 294 instead of 300, the issue becomes more complicated when dealing larger figures. What if it were 2944 employees? We know that during financial reports that companies don't have exactly $5,000,000 in revenue, yet we still put 5 million in the headline. Such a rounding convention is established in news production to make it simpler to convey general ideas in headlines, with the idea that specifics are in the body. Here are some more examples of rounding:

    Thanks for reading and the feedback.