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Report: Intel Developing Four New Pentium CPUs For Q2'13

Intel will be launching four socket Pentium processors based on the 22 nm Ivy Bridge architecture in Q2 of this year. All four Pentiums are dual-core socket LGA1155 chips with integrated video cards with a clock rate of 650 MHz that can be further boosted to 1,050 MHz in "Turbo" mode.

The specifications for the four CPUs are listed below. It is worth noting that none of the processors have support for HyperThreading, and two are "T" variants with a reduced TDP.

Clock Frequency3.0 GHz2.6 GHz2.7 GHz3.3 GHz
L1 / L3 Cache1 MB / 3 MB1 MB / 3 MB1 MB / 3 MB1 MB / 3 MB
GPU Frequency650 MHz / 1,050 MHz650 MHz / 1,050 MHz650 MHz / 1,050 MHz650 MHz / 1,050 MHz
TDP55 watts35 watts35 watts55 watts

Intel has not yet provided any pricing information, but based on the Pentium branding and their overall specifications, we can safely assume that all four CPUs are aimed at the entry-level market.

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