Intel Confirms Slight Delay in Ivy Bridge Core CPU Launch

We heard rumors last week that Intel's Ivy Bridge had been delayed and now it seems they have been confirmed. Intel's Sean Maloney (executive vice-president and chairman of Intel China) spoke to the Financial Times over the weekend and it looks like the launch of Ivy Bridge has been pushed back. Originally set for an April launch, Maloney says June is now looking more likely.

The Financial Times cites Maloney as saying that the start of sales of machines based on the 22nm Ivy Bridge has been pushed back. "I think maybe it’s June now," he's quoted as saying.

However, while Maloney says Ivy Bridge is now looking at a June launch, others say that while it has been delayed, it's nothing as significant as two months. Forbes' Patrick Moorhead reached out to both industry sources and his contacts at Intel, with both returning confirmation that while Ivy Bridge has been delayed, it is only a short delay. Industry sources said Ivy Bridge would be available when it counted, for the back to school season, while Intel's Jon Carvill said that the Ivy Bridge schedule had only been impacted by 'a few weeks' and things were still on track to be 'in-market for spring.'

It seems that the Ivy Bridge delay is certain, but the impact this delay will have on launch is not completely clear. We reached out to Intel for comment and the company responded, informing us that Forbes has the correct information and the delay really is only for a few weeks.

"The piece on Forbes has the correct information: our 3rd generation Intel Core launch is delayed by a few weeks, and we remain on track for our Spring 2012 launch timeframe," Intel's Dave Salvator told Tom's Hardware.

If Intel hadn't specifically told Forbes that reports of an eight-week delay were inaccurate, we would be reminding you that summer doesn't officially start until near the end of June, but considering Intel did specify that the delay would only be a few weeks (and not eight), we're left wondering if the chairman of Intel China had his facts mixed up.

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  • lahawzel
    June, 2012 -

    Intel: "Hey guys, um, we may have had some more 'yield issues'... yeah let's just say it's that. Ahem. Anyway, there might be another slight delay in the Ivy Bridge launch. So go buy some more Sandy Bridge processors at the original price in the mean time."
  • pacioli
    Uh oh Intel better not get too relaxed because there is some really stiff competition in the CPU market...

    Oh wait a minute. NVM.
  • viridiancrystal
    Rushing to keep up with Trinity Intel?
    Tick-tock, tick-tock....hurry up, Intel!
  • jdamon113
    what the hell does intel China have to do with it.
    intel chips are actually made in USA and israel, The finishing of the chips are sent to Costa Rica and Malaysia

    Intel Leave China out it. I am sick of hearing that fucking Country.
  • slhpss
    Previously the delay was only for dual core mobile procs.... does anyone know if this is still the case?
  • monsta
    By the time they release Ivy Bridge , Haswell will be right around the corner.....
  • I heard it is only a delay for notebook products. Not sure if the desktop CPUs are coming out on time?
  • noobzilla771
    In other words

    Intel: "Sandy Bridge is still kicking AMD's a** off, so no rush..."
  • Intel: The chips are delayed due to yield issues.

    Journalist: Intel has yield issues?

    Intel: No, AMD has yield issues. We are waiting for them to catch up.