Intel to Start Shipping P55 Motherboards in July

Seems as though it may be possible that P55 motherboards compatible with Intel's Core i5 CPUs (Lynnfield) may actually start shipping in July.

Core i5 processors are based on the same Nehalem architecture that Core i7 is based upon, but come equipped with integrated dual-channel DDR3 memory controller as well as integrated graphics. The graphics will be based on existing Intel graphics solution, and not Intel's work-in-progress Larrabee.

On that note, many motherboard manufacturers are already showing off samples of LGA 1160 socket based motherboards, anticipating that Intel will begin to ship its LGA1160 CPUs sometime in July. These P55 boards will be the first to support Lynnfield Core i5 CPUs and will support the Clarksdale CPUs as well. This is good news for consumers who want to pinch pennies, as the Corei7s are not flying off store shelves as many have hoped and the cheaper Nehalem more than likely is a better financial choice.

It's speculated that many of these P55 motherboards will make an appearance in the final form at Computex in June, one month before Intel is suppose to release Core i5 CPUs. Of course, Intel may very well push back the release date, thus forcing motherboard manufacturers to do the same, as Intel originally said the chip would launch in late 2009.

  • scarpa
    I don't see any reason to buy a CPU with integrated graphic chips from Intel because Intel graphic chips are incredibly slow, for that there are motherboards with integrated graphics.

    Intel is once again launching a product that is not suited for the market, like they did with the i7.

  • The_Blood_Raven
    Wow, July is a little late for this release considering i7s premium could be taken out largely by cheaper motherboards.
  • 1raflo
    so correct me if im wrong, the performance expected with th i5 is something in the middle of the C2D and the i7??
  • zedx
    Why the integrted gfx? Lynnfield will be $240+ and such buyers will certainly opt for extern gfx. And clarksdale has gfx integrated on cpu.
  • ravenware
    Intel is falling into the same boat as AMD did before the AM2 socket.

    I don't see why their going to so many different socket types on the market.

    Intel should just have 1 or 2.
  • radiowars
    I'll just buy an i7, thank you.
  • joseph85
    I don't see why Intel can't just release a low-end LGA1333 board and keep it simple like that.
  • Dmerc
    I bought a i7 920 4 months ago. Does anyone know if there will be an upgrade path for me a year from now or must I buy another motherboard and processor etc?
  • joseph85: That's right. Market needs cheap Core i7 mainboards. I wish to upgrade my computer just to increase my calculation power, but I don't need graphics at all, neither bit mobos with 3 SLI/Crossfire sockets and the hot chipset to handle them.
  • Zenthar
    I though the P55 would be the "successor" to the P35/P45 line, but it seem more like Celeron vs Pentium kind of difference. I don't mind them dropping triple-channel (many benches show little improvement over dual) and SLI/Crossfire, but what bugs me is the different socket/CPU.