Intel-powered Android Smartphone Headed to Orange

This past year at CES, Intel made quite a splash when it unveiled the first Intel-powered smartphone. Since then we've heard surprisingly little about Intel's plans for the smartphone market. However, just because the company has been staying relatively quiet about its smartphone plans, that doesn't mean it's been resting on its laurels. This past weekend at Mobile World Congress, European wireless carrier Orange confirmed that Europe was to get its first Intel-powered Android device in the form of the Santa Clara.

The Santa Clara packs that all-important Atom Z2460 1.6GHz processor, a 4-inch (600x1024) display, an 8-megapixel camera (1080p video and burst capture of up to 10 shots a second), HSPA speeds of 21.1Mbps down and 5.6Mbps up, HDMI-out, and NFC. Orange says that the phone will be aggressively priced when it does launch this coming summer. However, the name probably won't stick. 'Santa Clara' was billed as a codename only and we imagine Orange will have something a little catchier by the time the summer rolls around.

  • olaf
    EU FTW! :D take that US with your freaky networks :D
  • fellskrazykayaker
    The real test is how this holds up to an ARM based device in terms of battery life. All the processing power in the world is useless if you run out of juice in a few hours. I really hope that it's competitive with ARM.
  • FIRST!!!!!!
  • pollom
    frozonicis it just me or anybody else thinks AMD is kinda late to the ARM party? i wonder what they are up to.
    the atom is x86
  • jaber2
    Where Intel goes AMD will follow.
  • tmk221
    I guess that atom will be much much faster than ARM but what about battery life? I think it's much more important.
  • I don't think anybody would be buying the reference platforms if they didn't fix the battery life issue. With SoC, I'm thinking it is probably quite efficient. Also hearing it will scale to 2 GHz in turbo mode. Definitely a performer, but agree that it needs to last long. For that to happen, they will also need highly optimized code for x86. I wonder if that is happening or has happened?
  • pacioli
    It's all about battery life!
    Makes me wonder, will there be a Haswell Smartphone?
  • back_by_demand
    hmmm, x86 on a smartphone
    I'll give it 2 weeks and someone will have Window XP running on it