Nvidia Publicly Releases its FaceWorks Tech Demo

Nvidia’s FaceWorks technology made quite an impact at this year’s Game Developers Conference with the “Digital Ira” interactive demo that provided an almost unmatched degree of realism in human facial rendering.

The demo has now been made freely available by Nvidia, and providing you have a sufficiently powerful computer, you’ll be able to see “Ira immersed in three different lighting environments” and “adjust his skin rendering to see the effect of sub surface light transmission through his skin and, see the realism of his facial motion as he stares you down with a myriad of lifelike expressions.”

“Digital Ira” is available as a 309 MB download from the “Cool Stuff” section of Nvidia’s website.

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  • JackFrost860
    actually you can't down load it from the link in this article; the URL is broken!
  • iamtheking123
    Wow, scary lifelike and quite GPU intensive (SLI 680s).
  • chicofehr
    I wonder how well this will work with a Radeon card. I got a 7950 and post back how it handles it if it allows it to work with my card of course :-P