Nvidia Demonstrates Its Kepler Mobile Chip

Nvidia's Kepler Mobile chipset is, as the name suggests, derived from the company's current high-end Kepler architecture and is supposedly capable of running high-end PC titles and DirectX 11 effects.

At a a recent investor event, the company showcased the chip's graphical muscle with a demonstration of it running Battlefield 3 and a comparison to the iPad's A6X processor, which Nvidia characterized as delivering "vintage 1999 graphics."

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang stated that the company "wants to get multiple years ahead of the competition" and has made a "strategic decision to delay other projects in order to develop Kepler Mobile at a faster rate." So far, the company has successfully shrunk the size of the chip and reduced the power consumption from "dozens of watts to hundreds of milliwatts," but was still unable to provide any information as to when we'll be seeing devices equipped with the chipset.

Kepler Mobile Tech Demo

Video from VentureBeat.com

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  • weierstrass
    To compare they should have shown the same game on both devices and compared rendering speed and quality. Otherwise they could have also shown Tetris on Kepler and conclude that A6X is better because it can do 3D !
  • Maxx_Power
    Any word on power ? That's a BIG Nvidia issue, since nearly forever.
  • warezme
    Uh, maybe because it CAN'T run Battlefield 3? icrap fanboy