LG To Give Away 1,000 Free Bluetooth Headsets In Los Angeles

LG Electronics has announced that it will give away more than 1,000 Bluetooth headsets in Los Angeles today.

In July a new law will come into effect in the state of California, which prohibits the use of a cell phone while driving unless you’re using a handsfree kit.

In Ireland, this law was introduced a while ago and so, most people who really need to talk on the phone while they’re on their way to work or similar already have a grip on the handsfree technology needed to dial and drive.

To raise awareness about the handsfree options available to consumers, LG Electronics has announced that it hold an event called “Red, White and Bluetooth” at the Petersen Automotive Museum (6060 Wilshire Boulevard) in Los Angeles.

To plug this event, LG has teamed up with former CHiPs star and recurring Sealab 2021 voice actor, Erik Estrada who will, of course, hold a press briefing prior to the giveaway.

"LG is committed to creating products that are of real value to our consumers and hands-free devices are more than just convenient - they arealso critical in keeping our roads safe,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, vice president of product strategy and marketing for LG Mobile Phones.

The give away starts at 13:30 and will go on as long as stocks last which we’re betting won’t be long. If you do manage to get down to the Petersen Automotive Museum let us know if you get your hands on a headset and if so, how badly you got trampled.