LG Teases What Could Be Optimus G2 Smartphone for CES

LG has possibly hinted at the existence of its rumored Optimus G2 smartphone through a CES teaser video.

The highlight of the teaser showcases a brief glimpse of a smartphone, which depicts a corner of a device that sports a thin bezel situated around the screen.

The device in question is expected to be the rumored 5-inch follow up to the original Optimus G. The smartphone is said to feature a 1920 x 1080 resolution display with 440 PPI (pixels per-inch). Comparatively, the iPhone 5's Retina display offers a PPI of 326.

While LG, who is said to be preparing an unveiling of a full HD, 5.5-inch handset during MWC in February, has yet to officially confirm the Optimus G2's existence, a benchmark that surfaced in December listed a successor to the original handset.

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  • ikyung
    What's up with the cheap 80s techno beat music in the teaser
  • Daedalus12
    What I really want to see at CES is an affordable 3840x2400 16:10 monitor. A 1080p phone is all well and good, but I'd much prefer a monitor with even a quarter of that pixel density. With 720p phones all over the place, I would have expected this by now.
  • wardoc22
    440ppi.... >.>
  • tntom
    If it is no removable battery, and no micro-SD. Then I could careless if it was more powerful than an i7 and Radeon HD 7990 put together with 48hr battery. No...wait that I would, but only then.
  • epdm2be
    No call recording, no interest!