LG's 84-inch Ultra HD TV Hits the UK Priced at £22,500

Back in October, we went eyes-on with LG's 84-inch Ultra HD Cinema 3D Smart TV, which boasts a rather impressive resolution of 3840 x 2160 (that's four times greater than standard full HD displays). This week, LG has announced that the television set is now available in the United Kingdom.


Of course, a TV like this doesn't come cheap. The TV went on sale a few weeks ago in the United States with a eye-popping $20,000 price tag. Unfortunately, though consumers in the UK are used to getting the short end of the stick when it comes to price conversion, LG really hasn't done UK shoppers any favors. According to TechRadar, the TV will retail for £22,500. In case you were wondering, that translates to just over $36,000. I know.

That said, if you do happen to have a spare $22,500 lying around, from what we saw, the display was exceptionally vivid, minor details were enhanced, and the scale was simply immersing. From the demo material, colors popped, perhaps boosted by LG's Triple XD Engine Dynamic Color Enhancer. Other features include a Resolution Upscaler, which enhances lower resolution content (basically everything available right now) as well as the increasingly common TruMotion 240Hz technology.

While we weren't personally able to view the sets in 3D, the TV features LG's Cinema 3D technology and includes six pairs of 3D glasses. LG's Cinema 3D includes a Depth Controller, 3D Sound Zooming, and 2D to 3D Conversion. At such a high resolution, though, we found the clarity itself to be immersive enough without the need for 3D.

So, who wants to amend their letter to the man in the big red suit?

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  • drwho1
    Dear Santa, I have been a good boy....
  • blubbey
    'That said, if you do happen to have a spare $22,500 lying around'

    Little typo there, should be £ not $. Anyways, I haven't seen any 4k TV's but if anyone has, does it make very large TV's like this 'ok' to watch and not stretched like 1080p?
  • zrobbb
    I ordered one this morning!
  • Teeroy32
    ^^ bastard lol, I literaly only got a 106cm 1080 lg last week
  • SirRaulo
    im waiting for the Ultra HD version of Pacman...
  • SuperVeloce
    84-inch? why not smaller? Is pixel density a problem? Sounds like four 42inch 1080p panels glued together :).
    140cm is about the largest TV for home, anything else is for cinemas xD
  • mrmaia
    Yeah... buy one to show off right now, maybe next year you can buy 4 more for the same price. Until then, enjoy your regular 1080p shows and movies.
  • digiex
    Wow, it got more resolution than my eyes.
  • milkshakez7z
    Wow. I really hope displays like this come down in price a bit, looks Awesome though!
  • weaselman
    Pointless, unless you have the hardware or a broadcast signal to display an image.
    You would be wasting your money like said, might as well wait till the price drops.