Professor Smashes PC Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen

It kind of goes without saying that liquid nitrogen is a lot of fun. Anytime you hear the terms 'liquid nitrogen' and 'computer' in the same sentence, it usually evokes thoughts of LN2 cooling. Why wouldn't it? Well, what if that computer was actually a laptop? What would you do with your liquid nitrogen then?

One University of Oklahoma professor used his bucket of liquid nitrogen to make a point about bringing laptops to class. Students say (via Engadget) he has a strict policy about bringing notebooks to lectures because he considers them a distraction.

To prove how serious he was about the whole thing, he dipped a laptop in liquid nitrogen, assuring the class that it won't harm the computer. The professor then hurled the machine at the floor, smashing it into what we can only assume was a million little pieces.

  • stradric
    After all that build up, there was no money shot. I want to see what happened to the laptop. The student was probably afraid his phone would be next if he moved to get a view of the broken laptop...
  • Tedders
    I just hope that wasn't some kids laptop in the room. I mean, if they knew he didn't want them there, it was dumb of them to bring it. But that is an expensive way of making a point!
  • icepick314
    and no fancy smancy cell phones either!!!
  • michaelahess
  • snurp85
    Hmmm... a tad extreme in my opinion, but frickin awesome if its not yours!
  • nforce4max
    Now this is one fear that I am glade that isn't at my college. :s
    What next Iphones and Ipads?
  • ecnovaec
    apparently he doesn't think camera phones are a distraction
  • weskurtz81
    It was staged, not a students notebook, a broken notebook used to prove a point. That's what it says in the video's notes on the youtube page.
  • g00ey
    I don't understand why he is so aggressive about students using laptops during lectures. Some people actually use their laptops to take notes.
  • carlhenry
    dude did you see the principal's laptop? he lent it to me and he'll be back in a few. i went to pee for a minute and now its gone?!

    ohh professor! did you see the principal's laptop? its black.