Logitech Sponsors League of Legends Championship Series

Logitech has built up a reputation for itself as a manufacturer of quality computer peripherals. However, reputation alone doesn't mean publicity and sales. As of late, in order to widen its reach to gamers, Logitech's been getting its hands into eSports, sponsoring the likes of Curse Gaming.

This year, Logitech has decided to revisit its role as the official mouse and keyboard sponsor for the League of Legends Championship Series. This means that Logitech will be rolling out some LoL-exclusive features on its G-series products. According to Logitech, some of the features include the following:

"· All G-keys in our mice, keyboards and headsets are now selectable as bindable keys directly in the in-game interface.
· The multi-color LED lighting in our new Logitech G510s and G19s keyboards will switch to indicate the color of your team, including in colorblind mode.
· The Logitech G510s and G19s GamePanel LCD now displays constantly updating stats typically only available in the character subscreen, such as cool-down reduction, or stats not previously available, such as gold per minute."

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  • Rur
    I don't get how this game is so popular, it's so slow paced and boring as hell. I tried watching some "highlights" videos and it's laughable. To every LoL player reading this, I'm not trying to bash, but please give Dota 2 a try and realise how superior it is. There's a bot that gives beta keys away on Steam, google it.
  • zeek the geek
    League of Legends is a much better game than Dota 2 when it comes to balances. Even HoN has too much of a learning curve for the average player which is why it did not succeed as well as League of Legends. The tutorials, items, and character designs are much more sensible and do not break the mechanics of the game. On top of the huge community and support, the staff are constantly in contact with their players. I even had private discussions with Phreak and Morello about character balances, you can't beat that when most developers just do their own thing instead of listening to the players..
  • JustSoZen
    To put it simply, League is a watered down version of Dota 2. There's not as much depth to the mechanics nor variety of gameplay. In Dota 2, often times heroes are blamed as being overpowered and their skills accomplish giant things and can sometimes have global effects, but in my opinion, this simply adds depth to the game. Heroes (or champions if you come from LoL) are supposed to be overpowered so that they their powers can be used in creative ways! I want to be able to accomplish huge things in fights! If you guys want to call that unbalanced, suit yourself and play League, where many skills just start to get watered down and resemble each other.

    League is a game where some champions you have to pay to unlock or play enough games to unlock. In Dota 2, all the heroes are unlocked from the start to assure complete freedom to learn. And Valve just flat out cares more for its community than Riot, a company known to be greedy for money and popularity. In fact, Riot's been rumored to pay off MLG to not include Dota in its E-sports venue. Dota is truly a players game (the players have already contributed half a million dollars to the International Dota 2 championships prize pool) and I for one am proud to be a Dota 2 player.